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We are Myrtle Beach's most affordable wedding provider.  We offer a variety of ceremony environments with a price to fit your budget!  While others may try to tell you how you should do your wedding, we take time to listen and tailor your wedding needs according to your specifications. Do you have a special theme in mind?  Just let us know how we can help you put it all together.  It's all that simple!

Welcome to the Myrtle Beach Wedding Chapel!

Remember, when it comes time to plan your ceremony,  you don't have to be pushed around by wedding services who want you to pick a "package" that either has things you don't want or not enough of the things you do want.  Just call us and we'll listen to what you want!

We offer several options related to your wedding needs.  Should you desire a beach wedding, we have several possibilities in mind.  Myrtle Beach is a beautiful coastal resort with numerous parks and beach settings.  Have a place already picked out?  Great!  We'll be glad to travel to your special location.

Let us help you plan your special day.  Just remember, it's your wedding and you should do it your way.  When you're ready, write us or phone us.  We would love to help you!  Our staff includes a licensed Ordained Minister as well as a Notary Public.  We offer low cost picture packages as well as video-taping of your special event.